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Selling Your Home

So, you've decided to sell your home? It can be an overwhelming process and most people truly don't know where to start. We hope after reading the information in this section that you will be more prepared, comfortable and ready to get the process started!

Step 1: Choose Your REALTOR®

Lots of people think of a REALTOR® as a salesperson. While that is true by the basic definition, a good REALTOR® is far from the "salesperson" image you may have pictured in your mind! As experienced agents, we pride ourselves on the service we provide to our clients from the day they contact us about selling their home forward. We provide a wide range of services for our clients and are involved in every aspect of the home selling process. Our agents are highly trained to make the process seamless from start to finish.

Step 2: Setting the Price

Setting the price of your home is THE single most important factor in selling your home. Repeat; setting the price of your home is THE single most important factor in selling your home. Sellers commonly believe the list price equals the price you paid for the home plus the cost of all the upgrades you installed. That is simply not true. A home is just another commodity and as such, it is subject to the fluctuations of the market. When you call us to evaluate your home and place it on the market for sale, we will complete a full market analysis of your home and neighborhood so you can make an educated decision on pricing. The most attractive home on the market is the one that is priced right!

Step 3: Signing the Listing Agreement

When you hire a Beacon agent to sell your home, we will enter into a listing agreement. This will lay out the terms of our agreement including the listing price, time frame, compensation, marketing and showing processes. As full-service REALTORS®, we work under the Exclusive Right to Sell contract. This contract appoints your Beacon agent as your sole representation throughout the process. Once this contract is executed, we are free to move on to the task at hand…getting your home SOLD!

Step 4: Preparing your Home for Sale

Once you hire us to sell your home, we will get to work preparing it for the market. We will do an initial walk-thru where we will determine any furniture, pictures, arrangements, etc. that need to be removed. Remember, to appeal to the largest number of buyers, it is often necessary to remove some of the personal touches that made the home yours. When buyers enter your home, they want to be able to picture their belongings and more importantly, themselves in the space! Cleaning, decluttering, freshening, deodorizing and rearranging is often necessary to appeal to the masses.

Step 5: Marketing and Showing your Home

As soon as we get the home ready to sell, we will officially list the home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This will expose your home to the area REALTORS® as well as every homebuyer searching the internet. As a Beacon client, you will receive priority listing status on, Zillow and countless other search sites. With that kind of exposure, showings will start almost immediately. We use a company called Centralized Showing Service (CSS) to arrange all showings on your property. Other agents wanting to show your home will call into CSS and schedule the appointment and CSS will contact you to confirm. This gives us a log with detailed information about each agent that has shown your property. After the showing, the system automatically emails the buyer's agent a request for feedback. The agent will complete the form and return to it to us allowing us to gain insight as to the buyer's thoughts about the home, price, staging, and so on.

Step 6: Receiving an Offer

Upon receiving an offer, your agent will review and evaluate all of the terms and conditions prior to presenting the offer to you. When your agent presents the offer to you, they will include a net sheet (a worksheet containing all the closing costs, contract provisions, loan payoff, etc.) that will include your bottom line. Since there is so much at stake, we feel it is very important for you to understand exactly how much money you are going to receive from the transaction. With that information in hand, we will be free to negotiate the best possible price for your home.

Step 7: Accepting the Offer

After everyone agrees on all terms of the contract, we will execute the deal and go into escrow. During the first couple of days, the buyer will inspect the home and send over a list of repair requests. As soon as everyone agrees on repairs, we move toward closing. The title company will go to work running a title check, issuing a commitment for title insurance, obtaining your payoff and tax certifications and preparing the closing documents.

Step 8: Closing the Deal

The greatest joy (besides the profit) in selling your home is signing the papers. When you purchased, you may remember the mountain of paperwork required. Well, selling your home is completely different. There are roughly 10 documents to sign and you are finished. Once the buyer signs and their bank approves, your proceeds will be wired to your account and you will hand over the keys.

To get started, give us a call at 682-559-0161. We look forward to working with you soon!